Products always in stock.

Green oak, cedar and Douglas fir beams.

Some sizes are stocked with others being cut to order. Most lengths and sizes catered for. Square or rustic finish available. Beams suitable for most applications.

Douglas Fir (redwood) Sleepers

Used in all applications, perfect for retaining walls, garden and landscape situations. Standard sizes are 8, 12 and 16 foot lengths in 8 x 4 profile. Other sizes and lengths available by request. Square or rustic finish available.

Oak Sleepers

For a longer life or where near or immersed in water. Used for retaining walls, all garden and landscape situations. Standard sizes available in 8,10 and 12 foot lengths in 8×4 profile. Other sizes available by request. Square or rustic finish available.

Cedar Feather Edge

Cedar feather edge in 12 foot lengths. A heavy gauge cut from a 7 x1 ¼ board to produce a 7 inch board tapering from ¼ inch to 1 inch thick. This is the traditional size for the surrounding area that the sawmill is located in. Cedar is the timber of choice for this product because of its natural oil preservatives and its low cracking, twisting and knot retention properties.

Oak Feather Edge

Oak feather edge is available on request in sizes and thicknesses to suit your specifications. Typical sizes are 4, 7 and 9 inch wide.

Oak Mantle Pieces.

Random sizes and shapes are always in stock, naturally ageing. Other sizes can be cut to order.

Wide Boards.

Typically in oak or Douglas fir. Various widths and lengths left to naturally air dry in our barn. With a wide range of uses, most typically by the DIY’er for table tops or work tops.

Waney Edge Boards.

Can be cut from all three types of timber,oak, Douglas fir and western red cedar. Various widths and lengths cut to your reqirements.

Oak and Douglas Plastering lathes.

Random lenghts 11/2 inch wide by 1/4 thick cut to order.

By Products

Logs by bulk bin.
Hardwood and softwood available.
Typically 12 month seasoned.

Rustic Edging/Slabwood.

This is a bi product from the sawmill that has decorative uses mostly in garden landscaping.