3 main timber types are available all the time. English Oak, Western Red Cedar and Douglas Fir. Others sometimes available. All timber products are cut fresh from the round log form and are classed as green timber, so please bare in mind some natural shrinkage will occur as timber dries.

English Oak.
A hardwood with many uses, both for internal and external purposes. A range of types and qualities are available with 150 tonnes of raw material always in stock. Grades of oak range from sleeper, decorative, post, beam and board/planking. Standard types are available with also some brown/tiger oak and pippy/burr oak from time to time.

Western Red Cedar.
A higher quality softwood with very good natural oils and rot resistance. Traditionally used for cedar feather edge/cladding. When left untreated will turn a soft silvery colour. Also cut into all other sizes. Once dry very light but very strong and durable.

Douglas Fir.
Another high quality redwood, strong with good decay resistance and highly machineable. Douglas Fir is a good alternative to oak for structural work. Cut into all size products including wide boards, beams and sleepers.

In all 3 timber types most square or rectangular sizes can be cut specific to your order as small as ¼ of an inch to 30-36 inch and lengths of up to 30 foot can be catered for. Certain tapered and curved beams can also be cut. Traditional beams for heritage or with the natural look can be milled to retain rustic edges where required.
Please contact us with any queries or information regarding timber or timber sizes.